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Our Classrooms

Image by Gift Habeshaw

Infant Room

6 weeks to 18 months

The core of our infant program focuses on creating a loving and nurturing environment for each child.  Our teachers provide for each stage in your infant's development-- encouraging language acquisition, appropriate social interaction, and physical growth -- all in a colorful, multi sensory environment.

Young Toddler Room

18 months to 24 months

Our young toddler program recognizes this stage of your child’s growth as one of curiosity and exploration. Teachers concentrate on the developmental goals of this age as well as emphasizing on safety and security. Our environment is specifically designed so children can explore and play together as they begin their understanding of socially appropriate behavior.

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Image by Kiana Bosman

Older Toddler Room

2 years old

Our older toddler program offers children a secure, loving environment, with an established routine and schedule. Weekly themes are introduced which incorporate the developmental goals of the program. This begins the process of a structured day were planned, educational activities and creative playtime offer a balance in your child’s development.

Pre-School/ Headstart Room

3-4 years old

Our preschool program builds on the fundamentals of a pre-kindergarten program. We continue to offer children a secure and loving environment, but now add a planned activity schedule that incorporates weekly and monthly themes. Educational activities and creative playtime both contribute to the ideal balance in your child development.

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School-Age Program

5-12 years old

This program encompasses a wide variety of planned activities centered on the developmental goals of the program. These educational activities offer your child experiences in language, math, science, music, and art. During school holidays or summer months, we offer a full day schedule, rich in hands-on activities. This program focuses on the established developmental level of children as individuals and is designed to meet each one where they are and lead them forward.

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