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5 ways to get baby off bottle

Here are five ways to transition your baby from a bottle to a cup:

  1. Introduce a sippy cup: Start by offering your baby a sippy cup with a soft spout. Encourage them to hold it and drink from it.

  2. Gradual transition: Gradually reduce the number of bottle feedings and replace them with the sippy cup. Start with the least important feeding of the day and work your way up.

  3. Positive reinforcement: Praise your baby for drinking from the sippy cup and make it a fun experience by using colorful cups or straws.

  4. Offer variety: Offer a variety of liquids in the sippy cup such as water, milk, or diluted juice.

  5. Be patient: Every baby is different and some may take longer to transition from a bottle. Be patient and consistent with your approach.

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